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Creative Economy Resilience & Recovery: September Survey

MadLab is partnering with UWE Bristol to continue their research towards developing a stronger, more resilient creative economy. We’re inviting businesses from across the country to contribute to the Creative Economy Resilience & Recovery research project, led by Dr Tarek Virani.

UWE is creating and testing a ‘framework of resilience’ for creative micro-businesses through research in the form of a nationwide survey, and geographically representative virtual focus group from across the UK. These findings will then be used to facilitate the recovery and rebuilding of the UK’s creative sector.

Please consider taking part if your company

  • Works in the creative sector, primarily trading (not freelancers)
  • Has between 1 and 10 employees
  • Has been in operation for 18 months at least as of December 2019


We’re very grateful for your support and appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey, which should take 20 minutes max (according to UWE’s blurb, though we - and others - have found it takes about 5 minutes). Data will only be accessible to the UWE Bristol Research team, and no identifying information will be shared. Final date for surveys is September 30th, 2021.


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