MadLab is a grassroots innovation organisation

We work with technology and people to shape our world for the better – combining a deep material understanding of new and emerging technologies with the tools and methods of participatory design. We navigate the complexities of innovation – delivering results, breaking ground, defying convention.

Our work has been featured in The Guardian, Nature Methods, Sky, BBC, Creative Review, and Leonardo. We are regularly called on to speak at conferences and panel sessions internationally.

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The Team

Rachael Turner

Operational Order

Asa Calow

Creative Chaos

MadLab is the future of science, and I'm prepared to bet several limbs on it.
Professor Simon Werrett, UCL
MadLab makes the impossible seem possible.
MadLab Survey Respondent
MadLab made me realise that the things I dreamed of doing with my life are not just pipe dreams.
MadLab Survey Respondent
Rachael Turner profileAsa Calow profile

A cool-headed and rational operational powerhouse, Rachael has been with MadLab since its inception, managing all aspects of our work from strategy through to delivery.

Prior to MadLab she worked as a TV producer-director, making award-winning international documentary and journalism for Al Jazeera, the BBC, and numerous independent production companies.

She has written for several publications, including the Guardian and the Manchester Evening News, and acts as a development advisor to community organisations and charities across the UK and overseas.

Asa Calow

Creative Chaos

MadLab’s creative, technical, and analytical brain. He brings multiple ideas, perspectives, and approaches to help unpick and navigate complex challenges.

He has more than a decade’s experience working with some of the UK’s leading digital agencies and startups – using new and emerging technologies to build innovative products and services, from AI-powered realtime object tracking to Blockchain-powered micro-credentialing.

As a creative technologist he regularly conducts workshops and presents internationally, and is a Djerassi & US National Academies “Scientific Delirium. Madness” fellow.


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