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Making Spaces

2020 –

Image courtesy of Louise Archer, UCL Institute of Education

MadLab is working with the Institute of Education (University College London), the Institute of Making, Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol, and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation on an ambitious two-year “digital skills meets social justice” incubator programme. Its aim is to broaden participation in digital making amongst young people aged 18-29 across Greater Manchester. The first phase of this project comprises a research and development phase, engaging local experts and aspiring young makers alongside their friends and families.

Research shows that makerspaces are overwhelmingly populated with those who are university-educated, or who already have an aspiration to study for a STEM-related career. Through Making Spaces we’re engaging those typically underrepresented in makerspaces – especially those who have missed the opportunity to fully explore and discover creative digital making outside of a classroom.

Our end goal is to create an incubator programme which we can then build into a fully-fledged year-round “cornerstone” programme of creative digital skills – coding, 3D printing, electronics, product design, and more.

You can find out more by visiting the project website here.

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